The theatre of balancing sculptures on the market in Częstochowa


The winner of the architectural competition for the theatre of the balancing sculptures located on the Old Marker in Częstochowa was announced. The concept assumes the permanent exhibition of a dozen of curving objects in a space intentionally designed for them.

The winning conception belonged to Michał Bernasik from Cologne.

27th February – the day of Jerzy Kędziora in Miami


Tomás Regalado, the mayor of Miami, during the dinner party proclaimed 27th February as the day of Jerzy Kędziora in this American metropolis. The additional attraction of this event was the exhibition of artist’s works and their photos in a big format.


The International Symposium of Kinetic Art in Boynton Beach


As part of the exhibition on the International Symposium of Kinetic Art 2015 in Boyton Beach we might have seen the compositions of Jerzy Kędziora entitled “On the hoops” and “Feng Shui”. Furthermore, during this one of the most significant events concerning kinetic art, the artist also presented the media illustrated paper which refers to the idea and the way of creating the balancing sculptures.



“The Balancing” on Art Palm Beach 2015


Once again we have been pleased to present the cycle of Jerzy Kędziora’s sculptures entitled “The Balancing” on Art Palm Beach – the one of the most substantial and prestigious event which takes place in North Florida.