The overpass based on Tadeusz Kantor’s idea


In town hall was held the meeting with the authorities of Cracow which was extremely interested in the idea of reconstruction of the overpass into a hanger, leading from Kazimierz to Podgórze. It would be a throwaway paraphrase of Tadeusz Kantor’s idea concerning an object of the Unreal Architecture.


“The abstract stringed instruments players” made of bronze in Kuwait


The composition of three sculptures made of bronze and entitled “The abstract stringed instruments players” were installed in a private residence located in the capital city of Kuwait. It aim is to promote the Polish and European culture of fine arts in this part of the world, to which promotion contributed, inter alia, a significant person from the Arabic business world as well as the Polish embassy in Kuwait.


Solo exhibition in MoCA – the Museum of Contemporary Art in Miami


The Museum of Contemporary Art in Miami has opened the exhibition of Jerzy Kędziora’s balancing sculptures entitled “High Above: The Art of Jerzy Kędziora”.

The sculptures are presented in the open spaces of the museum compound as well as on the square located in front of the building’s entrance, which also plays a crucial role as a public space of a district. The information concerning the artist and his artistic work can be read in one of the exhibition’s rooms.


The unveilling of Louisa Armstrong’s monument


On the square in front of the Philharmonic Hall of Częstochowa has been unveiled the monument of a great jazzman – Louis Amstrong. It is popularly believed that it is the only monument of this American musician in Europe and, what is more, the only such monument in the world in which the figure of Satchmo reacts on the movements of nature or observers.

Photos: Grzegorz Skowronek



The circle of lightsome friendliness


During the International Night of Museums, as a part of Extremities opening, the attendants of the circle of lightsome friendliness walked with torches along the route of sculptures to the bank of park’s pond. The participants consisted of the youngest art adepts who had created during the workshops some floating artistic objects that were later lightened and launched in the pond. The pond’s bank shined forth with lights that created the doubly delightful circle of the lightsome wishes of the participants of this opening. Furthermore, the event was verging on being illegal due to the fact that previous heavy rains aggravated the state of tree stand and thereby the city guard forbade the entrance to the park.