New sculpture unveiled at Arkadia Shopping Mall


“Acrobat with chair” danced on the thin cord just under the sky full of stars and delighed everybody around. We encourage you to see the official photos from the unveiling of the next Jerzy Kędziora’s piece of art.
We also would like to say thank you to all of you who were with us that day and we invite all of you, who have not seen the sculpture yet, to visit Arkadia shopping centre in Warsaw.


The exhibition in “Gaude Mater”


In the Centre of Cultural Promotion “Gaude Mater” in Częstochowa was held the opening of the photography exhibition entitled “The stops between the oceans”. It is a coverage of a journey with sculptures throught the southern part of the USA, from California to Florida.
The exhibition is presented in the travellers’ galery “Skrzynka”.

The unveilling of Jan Długosz’s monument


The monument of Jan Długosz was unveiled and sacrificed on the newly revitalized squere of John Paul II in Kłobuck. This unveiling was a cetrepiece of the event due to the fact that Sejm of the Republic of Poland announced, in the 600th anivessary of his birthday, 2015 as a year of Jan Długosz in Poland. The monument is also the first and only sculpture of this figure in real size.

The meetings on the Jurassic


The 6th Nationwide Painting Open Air Exhibition entitled “The meeting on the Jurassic – Złoty Potok 2015” has began in Złoty Potok and will last till 18th September. During this event will be also a possibility to meet with some representatives from the artistic circles.

Charity auction during TVN’s ball


This year during the charity TVN’s ball, which took place in Arkady Kubickiego at the Royal Castle in Warsaw, was carried out the auction of the pieces of art of some Polish artists.
Among the works that were auctioned with six digit result was also the sculpture of Jerzy Kędziora.